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Kentucky Derby Block Party

May 7, 2024

I’ve to tell you, I’m every level, from customer service before the party, to her truck and rig, to her

Craveable food, I would give her 100 stars if I could.

We’ve booked V-Spot for for next year’s Kentucky Derby party.




April 18, 2024

I am absolutely in love with the My Vspot Spicy Broccoli Quinoa bowl. The flavors be popping !!!! Omgggggeeeeee that shit slaaaappppin’

Them baby reds are addictive af !!! If you ain’t had MyVpsot you sleeping.

AYA Love

A discovery that is life changing

October 31, 2023

In the past I have been a heavy meat eater. Vegetiran dishes do not appeal to me. However I herd alot about htis place and decided to try it so lets break down my order

Spinach + Mushroom Quinoa – The flavor is absolutley incredible! There is this sweet creamy flavors that leaves you craving more. The mushrooms are so smooth and make a perfect substitute for any meat in a dish I can say this is without a doubt a 5/5

The Spinach Mac – The flavor kicks your right away a touch of spice is nice but the creamy flavor leaves you savoring the flavor. I found the macaroni to be nice and soft and the cheese is the right mix of soft but not runny. This is without a doubt my favorite 5/5

Butternut Squash and Black Bean Stew – So I absolutley hate squash, my mother could not get me to eat it at all. NOW LET ME TELL YOU THIS SQUASH CAN NOT BE NORMAL SQUASH!! The squash is soft on the outside and the right mix of not mushy and not solid on the inside and the flavor is great the sweet from the buttermilk but there is something in this thing that makes my tastebuds sing like Whitney Houston. I honestly would love to eat this daily as it gets cold in Jacksonville. This feels like someone who loves you made this for you 5/5

I also got this bread and dip – Let me tell you the bread is seasoned has a solid crunch on the outside soft on the inside. BUT THE DIP!!!! Creamy and compliments the bread so well. I will no longer be basic and just use guac as a dip I could honestly eat this dip by it’s self. I was licking the inside of this cup like a dog and I do not care if I am judged because my belly is happy. It is great. This is something I could eat all day and be happy 5/5

Red Velvet Cake – I don’t like red velvet however this cake is solid. I appreciated the traditional cake great mix of solid and soft. However the frosting on it with the pecans gives it a perfect combination. I am talking scientist can not make this ratio any better 5/5

For someone who is not the biggest fan of vegan or veggie food, I have to say that this make me realize how I was a bit ignorant in the past. I am grateful god let me try this today. The customer service is the top of the line they are so sweet and kind and knowledgeable on the product, truly a joy to be around. I hated eating Brussel sprouts and they got me to try one and it tasted delicious. This experience was trully life changing. It has convinced me to open up my pallete and try new foods. I will for sure be back again

Ryan Kowlasar

Absolutely amazing

October 19, 2023

This is a great way to start your journey to a health lifestyle !

You will receive great energy and happiness from this business!

678 499-7941


October 8, 2023

We had the slappin Mac and the butternut squash and black bean stew and they were perfect!